Putting heads on beds

It is every accommodation owner’s aim to rent out their units. An empty hotel room is costing money. Carbo TTC’s main goal is to generate reservations for your property. Reservations means income, income that is needed to cover your operational costs and more.

GDS/IDS distribution

Carbo TTC is an agent for Reconline/Classic International Hotels, a Swiss based company delivering connectivity to Global Distribution Systems like Amadeus, Sabre and Worldspan.

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Traditional tour operators

With more than 22 years of experience, Carbo TTC is an expert when it comes to connect your accommodation to the dynamic world of tour operators in Europe, The USA and Latin America.

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Online travel agents

We have a good working relationship with most of the larger online travel agencies and will be able to activate your property on these booking websites within a matter of days.

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Online booking engine

Carbo TTC’s partner Reconline/Classic International Hotels offers a very affordable solution that is available for any hotel with a minimum of 10 hotel rooms.

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The cost of doing business!

Our aim is to improve your occupancy and also to improve your revenue. Together we will set realistic goals for your operation.

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Property Management System

Carbo TTC recommends a cloud based PMS, named Hotelogix.
This is a very affordable solution to simplify your operations and administrative tasks.

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Carbo TTC stands for Carbo Trust Trade & Consultancy NV, a limited liability company, registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Bonaire under file number 2219. Carbo TTC was established on Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean) in April 1992 and is in existence for more than 25 years. Carbo TTC's focus has always been on INCOMING TOURISM, in the beginnng just for the island of Bonaire, later on also for other destinations like Curacao, Belize, Florida (USA) and France. Carbo TTC not only assists accommodations (small, moderate and big) with "putting heads on beds". we also deliver and implement smart hotel solutions like a booking engine for the accommodation's own website and sales channel management tools, we design rate- , booking-, cancellation- and payment policies according to the market and individual requirements. We also can assist by installing and programming an affordable PMS (property management system), allowing the owner to make management decisions not based on gut feeling but on reliable hotel data. In the ever changing world of travel, it is important to stay on top of new developments and trends. Carbo TTC's experience goes beyond the sales office of the hotel industry and we can not only assists with creating the highest possible occupancy at the highest possible revenue, we can also assist on improving your ROI (return on investment)!

The man behind Carbo TTC

Carbo TTC is owned and managed by Mr. Boudewijn "Bous" Scholts. Born in 1961 in The Hague (The Netherlands) and resident of Bonaire since 1995. Bous started to work at the age of 19, after he successfully completed the International High School, located at a NATO military compound in Belgium, where his father was employed. Bous is fluent in Dutch, English and German and has basic knowledge of French, Spanish, Portuguese and Papiamentu (the local language of Bonaire). After some years in international project management and financial services. and after visiting Bonaire as a tourist during 9 times in 3 years, he decided to emigrate to this lovely island in 1995. With more than 22 years of experience in the incoming tourism industry, Bous has built up a significant network in global tour operating and has been instrumental in introducing his clients to "online travel agents". In his free time, Bous is a talented and passionate hobby chef. His speciality is the Indonesian kitchen. Bous is also a volunteer of the Bonaire Animal Shelter. Bous has fulfilled different terms at the Board of Directors of the Bonaire Hotel & Tourism Association (including the Executive Board positions of President (2006-2007) and Treasurer(2014 and 2015).
Boudewijn Scholts
Boudewijn Scholts
Owner & Manager

Other activities

Other activities of Carbo TTC Inc and or Boudewijn “Bous” Scholts

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