GDS/IDS distribution

Carbo TTC is an agent for Reconline/Classic International Hotels, a Swiss based company delivering connectivity to Global Distribution Systems like Amadeus, Sabre and Worldspan.
These Global Distribution Systems are used by more than 150.000 travel agencies worldwide and communicate description of your hotel, the rooms and the amenities, photos, availabilities and rates to the 600.000 travel agents that work in this industry. A booking (including payment of the booking) is only one click away.
We not only make sure that your property is represented in the Global Distribution System, we als take care of the registration at the Internet Distribution System (IDS). Did you know that today an average of 55 percent of ll travel worldwide is booked online? There are thousands of travel selling websites available and through the Reconline/Classic International Hotels technology, your property will be displayed as well.

Working with traditional tour operators

With more than 30 years of experience, Carbo TTC is an expert when it comes to connect your accommodation to the dynamic world of tour operators in Europe, The USA and Latin America.
The market has been changing rapidly in the past years with moving from the traditional way of selling travel through brochure via travel agencies. Today, a tour operator that does not sell online is losing the battle. Print brochures are expensive and the moment they are published probably out of date already.
Carbo TTC is a proactive broker when it comes to connecting your property to those tour operators that sell your destination. On your behalf we negotiate rates, seasons and allotments and make sure that the accommodation is presented correctly and attractive.
The tour operator market is consolidating. At one hand we have noticed a decline in the number of smaller tour operators worldwide and at the other hand some of the bigger players are getting bigger and bigger. Their demands and conditions of doing business are also changing and it requires expertise to deal with them. Carbo TTC has that expertise!

Doing business with online travel agents

Did you know that was only established in 1996, nearly 20 years ago? In the meantime, they have grown to one of the largest online travel agencies in the world, offering more than 400.000 hotels and accommodations worldwide. The online travel industry is already surpassing the traditional way of how travel is booked. More than 55 % of all travel booked worldwide is done online.
As an individual property you can never beat the power of the online travel agencies and “if you can’t beat them, join them” is certainly applicable in the philosophy of Carbo TTC.
We have a good working relationship with most of the larger online travel agencies and will be able to activate your property on these booking websites within a matter of days.

The cost of doing business!

Doing business with tour operators and travel agents, whether they work traditional or online, means that you have to take distribution costs into account. How much is always depending on your or your representative’s negotiation skills and market conditions.
Carbo TTC can assist you with the design of a rate strategy that allows you to expand your distribution channels at relatively low costs. Our aim is to improve your occupancy and also to improve your revenue. Together we will set realistic goals for your operation.
Keep in mind that sometimes the market allows you to charge higher rates but sometimes lower rates will help you to meet your goals. Part of our service to you is to monitor the market, recognize trends and offer a pro-active approach optimizing occupancy and income.

Online booking engine

Building an online booking engine is complex and expensive. Often property owners refrain from this as they do not have the knowledge and or recourses. There is no need to re-invent the wheel! Carbo TTC’s partner Reconline/Classic International Hotels offers a very affordable solution that is available for any hotel with a minimum of 10 hotel rooms.
When you deal with online agents already and your hotel has its own website on which you can not accept bookings straight away (for example you offer a reservation request form and you need 24 hours to reply) you are working old fashioned. The guest that found you online, most of the time is ready to book, ready to confirm his/her booking instantly. We deliver the technique to you so that the transaction can be done straight away. Someone that is ready to book with is also ready to book with you (when they find you and when you offer the same deal he/she found at

We are here to assist you with improving your occupancy and revenue. Contact Boudewijn “Bous” Scholts for a consult.