Property Management System

Carbo TTC recommends a cloud based PMS, named Hotelogix.
This is a very affordable solution to simplify your operations and administrative tasks.
To succeed in your business, independent hoteliers need a comprehensive solution that is flexible and agile. Every aspect of our online property management system is designed to empower independent property owners. The system takes just a minute to get you started and helps you experience the power of cloud instantly. Our Cloud PMS drives your business at every step.

Experience increased efficiency and reduced dependency on manpower with our hotel property management system. Manual errors become a thing of the past as critical operations get automated and managed in real-time using this PMS. Your staff frees up crucial time and gets to focus on guests.
Leverage the power of cloud to monitor your hotel performance from wherever you are. All you need is basic internet connection. Login easily to our web based property management software from anywhere and enjoy the convenience of 24 x 7 accessibility.

Experience the intuitive interface

At the core of our PMS, lies an innovative front desk interface that acts as a single-point dashboard for controlling all your operations. You can customize it to suit your hotel’s needs and manage multiple tasks at all times. It’s all available for you.
This PMS lets your staff work in sync with all departments. Assign room cleaning tasks to housekeeping and track any changes to housekeeping status from the front desk or housekeeping console. You can also upsell services at your restaurant or other point of sale and the charges will be posted to the front desk directly.
For a free demonstration of the features of Hotelogix, please contact Boudewijn “Bous Scholts.